Sunday, 12 May 2013

2 Day Ascot Meeting - May 10/11

2nd Day out at Ascot, which starts with a 5.30pm start on the Friday, followed by 1.30pm, on the Saturday.

So, just the 200 mile round trip x 2, and another 8 hrs wasted in the car.

The Friday night meeting starts too early, so, people cant get there from work, and even thou the price to get in, a very reasonable £13, not more than 4000 people attended.

This is v disappointing for the track, but its a theme up and down the country.

Nottingham racecourse must have gone to huge time/expense, or a similar 2 day fixture, and the crowd last night, was just pathetic.

Anyway, back at Ascot, had more trouble with keyboards not working, so had a delayed start.

Actually read the card v well, and really fancied 3 of the 6 winners. As such, even thou I only took £5k in total bets, I managed to keep £1500 of it, which was a nice change.

L-o-n-g drive home, after some traffic mayhem .. maybe getting back, at mid-nite.

Need to try and fix keyboard, for tomorrow (today), but its well knackered.

Visit a 24hr ASDA, and buy 2 usb keyboards for £10. Get that to work, have a quick look at form, for today's meetings, and hit the sack, at 1.30am .. never got to watch any of the golf, from The Players championship.


Woke up at 7am, stiff, with back-ache .. and re-start trip back to Ascot.

Load all kit, after its sat in garage re-charging, and finally meet colleagues, at 9.30 am.

I am doing the driving .. more stress, and when we get to Ascot, try and re-assemble kit.

I started, 90 mins before 1st race .. and everything is going fine, then, a software/server problem, delays everything, by 45 mins. Stress levels going thru the roof, (u can see other bookmakers taking bets, and it hurts), finally, get that fixed, and then the signals from the laptop to electronic board, get lost.

NO !!!

Re-start drivers on laptop, etc, and finally, can start taking bets, 20 mins before the 1st race.

On-course bookmakers these days, have to be computer experts, gambling experts, people persons, and be willing to get wet ..

It starts to rain ...

Some cover, but, people stay out of the rain, and business is crap.

After 5 races, battery power on 2nd laptop goes .. and I am rapidly losing it.

Get thru the day, and finish winning £900 after expenses .. big deal.

Drive home, and decide to stop in at Warwick races on the way back, as I fancy a horse in the last.

Get there for the 3d race, and just chill, till the 6th race, and my horse, drifts from 7/2 to 9/2, but wins handily !! Win £1200 on that, so, thats a pretty good end to the day.

Happy days ..

Drive home, and mind wanders, so, take-wrong turn on motorway .. finally get in a 10pm.

Been a long 2 days  ....

Off to Worcester later ..

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