Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday, at Windsor

Windsor is a lovely course, attracting good horses, and a very fair number of paying public.

To encourage a younger crowd, they hold "Family Fun" days. One such day, was yesterday - a Bank Holiday. (which usually makes the roads a nightmare .. and this was no different, as the journey which should take 1hr40, took me 3hrs)

I would estimate, 5-6000 people attended .. unfortunately, the majority of which, were in a section f the racecourse, called the Silver Ring .. as that was where various Family attractions were located, so, business at my end the track, was only fair.

I had 2 decent punters, betting with me ..

One guy walked up, and asked for 600 at 33/1 .. that's to lose 20k, and I halved him .. laying it to lose 10k.

This is a v decent bet to lay .. not that most punters will acknowledge you need accommodating bookmakers.

The horse in question, only beat 2 home, and on the day, I laid the punter 500 at 5 or 6/1 a horse in each race, of which, only 1 won, so I beat him.

Another punter, was also betting in 400-600 sums .. but, my total hold, on the day, was 12k, so .. you can see, just how much, of my volume, came from these 2 punters.

On the day, 3 favs won, and I lost 400, plus expenses .. which, for 12 hours work, isn't much fun.

One day, I will actually win.

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