Thursday, 2 May 2013


This is a proper Grade 1 Track ..

We got in, 2 hours before racing .. (Bookies need to be there, 1 hour before racing, to be able to 'claim' your pitch ..), and it is great, they now have a drop-off point, where bookies can drop off all the kit, and not have to lug it all from the car-parks.

This kit, normally includes ;

A Digital Board
1 or 2 heavy duty batteries, to power the board/printers
Assorted printers
Assorted signs / name plates
Sometimes, a joint .. which self-assembles .. thou you can rent, for £25 a day

We had a fair drive thru, negotiating via some back-roads, which only taxi-drivers and bookies know.

We had high hopes .. as the car-parks were v busy, 2 hours before the first race.

Our kit, had some issues .. the bracket which holds the digital joint, was badly drilled, so it wouldnt fit properly. There is no-wi-fi on the course .. at least for us, and getting a cell-signal, is v tricky. The laptop software, was faulty .. so, all these problems, were both draining and an inconvenience.

Unfortunately, 'free' day, encourages locals to have a day-out in the sun, and just cruise, and it wasn't really a betting crowd .. so, although we had paid £60k for our pitch .. (14 days racing, a year), takings were v average, and results were poor, (including a winner for The Queen), so, we lost. It didnt help, about 70 other bookmakers turned out .. encouraged, as it was free-to-bet .. there were just too many bookies, for the crowd.

Am not really sure, the £60k was a good investment .. there are 2 meetings, next Friday night/Saturday, which will be a better guide, but, at this stage, its a disappointment.

All-in, we left, at 9.00am, and got back, at 8pm. Spent £700 in expenses, and lost betting .. so, have some headway, to make-up.

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