Friday, 17 May 2013

1st Test - England v N.Zealand - Lords

Been really busy, and have only small trades on this game, till now.

End Day 2 :

Eng 232 AO, NZ 153/4 .. Mcslogger/Williamson, still in.

Eng 4.0

NZ 4.0

Draw 2.0

NZ been as high as 30, which looks big now.

Weather v hard to read, but looks like rain at points, on all 3 remaining days.

At the prices, laying NZ , small.


End day 3, and NZ went much bigger, but didnt buy back fancy prices.

Weather F/C has cleared a lot ..

Eng  1.48

NZ  5.0

Draw 7.6

Laid chunks of draw.


And so, Eng won in 4 days.

Props to Stuart Broad .. never really been a fan, as he seems to have mood swings, but, his batting came good, followed by a match winning bowling spell. Bresnan must be choking .. cant be fun, being the guy on the fringes, watching the guy u would like to replace, play a blinder.

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