Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tipping isnt so hard .. u just gotta be lucky

Still on holiday .. and sort of whimsical .. especially reading some of the entertaining slanging matches, on offer, on certain blogs.

I have never belonged to a tipping service, and never wanted to start one .. but, I was sufficiently impressed by the ingenuity of Bfbotmanager (which, I dont use), to start a tipping account, on

After hours of research (ok, maybe 5 mins), I have stuck up 7 tips, under the disguised tipster account, of Mr-Cricket, and gone 6 out of 7, with the only loser, trading evens, from 3.75 advised.

The tips are showing a 5.34 unit level stake profit.

I am not sure what to do now. Do I just quit ? Become v selective .. so, users are begging for more ? or rock on, and go for the home-run ?

Will have to have a deep think.


  1. open a paid service and start earning $$$$

  2. The best way to be a successful tipster is to open multiple accounts and put random tips in all of them.

    Statistically, one of them is going to be above the mean (kids, look that up in a dictio... ok Wikipedia) and you can advertise that account as proof of your genius.

    If the logic of that is lost on beginners then find a new hobby.

  3. Hi James,

    Love your blog, and thx for the comment.

    Its hard to argue with the above .. but, what if u have beat the markets for 15 yrs .. and have a hefty number on your weekly PC statement, to back it up ..

    Do u, retire gracefully, and find other hobbies, sell your wares, and let others pay for your services, or just fade into the sunset.

    I am not sure .. am giving it more thought .. and rightly, a tipping service would not let u sell 'stuff', till u have a proven record, over .. maybe 6 mths.

    So, I have time.

  4. Your example of a 15 year success rate is one of a proven analyst.

    My example of cheating the system shows how the unwary can easily be fooled by tipsters.

    Buchdahl's book on evaluating tipsters goes into more detail.

    I don't think 6 months would be enough to evaluate a tipster. For a sport like soccer or cricket you would need many seasons of successul tipping with no apparent regression to the mean.

    Another book called Superforecasting goes into that area too.

    People look for instant gratification online. When it comes to investing, getting rich slowly is key otherwise you increase your variance and therefore your chance of busting out.