Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Setting fire to money

In a different life, I was invited to lunch, with a legend of bookmaking. ( I was a peanut, and was .. frankly, in awe of him)

These lunches, tend to be v long, with a v big bill at the end, and u are never allowed to pay.

One day, I decided to take a stand, and try to pay.

The bookmaker, took out a roll of 50 pound notes, placed them in a pile, on a plate in the table, and took out his lighter.

He said, I had a choice, let him pay the bill, or watch, 2x the amount, go up in smoke.

I was thinking this thru, when, he took out a lighter, and lit the corner of the first 50 pound note. It quickly took .. and flames started. It wasnt my money, but, felt it wrong, to let them burn.

So, I put them out.

I was reminded of this, listening, to a podcast, where the main guest, was Alan Boston.

I have often listened to his interviews, and found them informative,honest and entertaining.

He seems to have been a great friend to many, and hope he gets a few breaks .. we all need them.

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