Monday, 3 February 2014

S.Africa v Australia - Test series

( Above is pic of rain from a plane .. Just becos, I like it )

So, anyway ..

A 3 match test series starts quite soon .. With, according to test rankings, the number 1 side, playing number 3.

Number 3, (Aus), just crushed, the mighty England, 12-1, in an assortment of drubbings, so, maybe they are on form .. And it's definately possible, S.Africa are a bit rusty, as they haven't played for a short while.

The 1st test is at Centurion, where, it can definately rain, towards the end of the day.

In the recent past, it's been raining, a bit, during the day .. Which, would be v helpful for draw backers.

With 10 days to the game, rough prices are :

S.Africa 2.44. ( a lay for me )

Aus. 3.4

Draw 3.35 ( in from 3.55, which was probably too big )


For now, I expect a close series .. S.Africa have some questions to answer, especially with injuries maybe causing some replacements.

I have the draw onside.


Hmm .. 4 days before the action starts, and weather has all cleared up. Pretty much, full days play, on most days, is the current forecast, and Watson looks like missing the 1st Test.

Current prices.

S.Africa 2.30

Australia 3.30

Draw 3.90

Draw looks right, but, can't force myself to take the loss.

It will be an interesting series, between bat and ball. It seems, both sides have better bowlers, than batters, so, big partnerships may not be the order of the week.

Still, am gonna wait, before taking the red.

2 days to go.

Pitch looks green, at least now, but am sure sun will have an impact. Watson definately out .. Maybe Hughes will replace him.

S.Africa 2.26

Australia 3.1

Draw 4.3

Am backing draw at bigger prices .. And will take my lumps.



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