Tuesday, 11 February 2014

1st Test - S.Africa v Australia - Centurion

Any though of rain ( there was some, 10 days ago, has melted in the sweltering sun, and this looks a game, destinnedt I have a lot of play time)

Games between these two sides, rarely end in a draw, and it's a mouth-watering contest.


S.Africa 2.08

Australia 3.05

Draw 5.0



S.Africa win toss and decide to field.


S.Africa 2.02

Australia 3.25

Draw 4.8

Run line forAus, about 310


Warner goes .. Steyn strikes !!


Aus 15-1

S.Africa 1.96

Aus 3.4

Draw 5.2

Morkel gets a wkt in his first over ..


Aus 24-2

S.Africa 1.73

Aus 3.65

Draw 6.2


Aus recover a bit .. Pitch not as hard, as maybe expected, thou run line, still fairly low, at about 285

Drinks Aus 50-2

S.Africa 2.02

Aus 3.0

Draw 5.6


Aus building, albeit v slowly .. 72-2 ...

And then Doolan gives it away, and exposes Clarke to a tricky 15 mins before lunch.

Aus 72-3

S.Africa 1.84

Aus 3.6

Draw 5.5

Aus make it thru .. To lunch .. Aus 80-3 ..

Not sure what to make of it .. S.Africa bowled some v good lines, and u could argue, Aus tossed away, at least 1 wkt.

I sorta sense, Aus could score 350, but, could also score 250.

No real position change, from opening grief, having backed draw.


S.Africa 1.90

Aus 3.3

Draw 5.6


Clarke gets suckered into a pull .. 98-4


S.Africa 1.67

Aus 3.65

Draw 7.2


Aus return to a position they often found themselves in, re Eng. can they repeat ?


Seems v slow going after lunch ..

Drinks Aus 113-4


S.Africa 1.74

Aus 3.6

Draw 6.6


Pace picking up, as Smith and Marsh settle in, on a pitch, which seems to be getting easier to bat on.

Tea - Aus 175-4 .. U could argue, Aus getting the better of it.

S.Africa 2.32

Aus 3.00

Draw 4.2


Book slowly improving .. Need Draw at 3.6, to get level.


Aus progress after Tea .. 195-4

S.Africa 2.64

Aus 2.78

Draw 3.7

Book almost flat .. Joker played ...


Aus 214-4 ... Taking charge

S.Africa 3.10

Aus 2.6

Draw 3.4


Drinks .. 18 overs left in the day .. New ball, might be crucial

Aus 237-4


S.Africa 3.7

Aus 2.56

Draw 3.0


Aus steadily climb, as the new ball, fails to see much change. S.Africa have preserved it a bit, so, it's fairly new in the morning, but, really need wkts.

Aus finish, on 297-4 ... And spreads have them scoring north of 450.

Hard to see S.Africa winning this now .. And if the pitch doesn't quicken up, think the draw will go v low.

End of play prices :

S.Africa 6.2

Aus 2.32

Draw 238


I would prefer to lay Aus, than back .. But, for now, am flat, with small green.

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