Thursday, 13 February 2014

3rd Day - S.Africa v Australia - Centurion

Hard to say it's overcast, as when the sun comes thru, it's v strong, but cloud buildup, may be indicative of stuff to come later.

That's not exact, but, it's the best anyone can do, in this highly volatile weather area.

S.Africa need a solid 1st hr .. Maybe the clouds will help Aus bowlers .., for now, they 250 behind, 4 wkts left, in 1st dig.


Johnson strikes quickly .. He really is, the best around ..

S.Africa 148-7 .. Still 250 behind.

S.Africa 7.2

Aus 1.45

Draw 5.7


Hmm ..a sorry, but, I must say, not unexpected take to tell.

S.Africa fold, tamely to 206 all out .. So Aus in front, by 192 .. Which looks massive.

75 overs left in the day, a total of 255 overs, left in the game.

If Aus score .. Even 200, S.Africa would have to chase a total, which looks unlikely.

S.Africa have fragile batters .. No one admits it .. But, when Amla is off form, and Kallis now gone, I wouldn't trust many of them, to score against a top quality attack.

Anyway ..

S.Africa 8.2

Aus 1.36

Draw 6.6

For me, draw should be bigger than S.Africa.


S.Africa get an early stick .. Hope, Joanna !!

Lunch Aus 18-1 .. Lead by 209 .. Cloud thinning if anything .. U wonder how any Clarke would set S.Africa .. 500 ? In 5 sessions ?

Surely .. Hopefully, not more.


Tea - S.Africa getting beaten up .. Dropped catches/sloppy fielding, but Warner batting beutifully (and quickly).

Aus 147-1 .. Lead by 338 .. 37 overs left today, cloud thin .. No rain.

S.Africa 25

Aus 1.30

Draw 5.2


I like Aus


After Tea, more of the same really .. Warner is super, and Doolan is growing in confidence ..

30 overs left.. Aus 372-1, net.

Prices pretty much static .. Not sure, how S.Africa can win .. But, plenty of time, I suppose.

Highest 4th inngs chase here .. 251 ...




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