Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 2 - 2nd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Port Elizabeth

V curious weather systems in this area .. Mild drizzle, 100km away, up the coast, but PE clear, and looks likely to stay that way, for at least most of the day.

S.Africa losing the 2 cheap wkts at the end, certainly affects the game, and with a new ball this morning, under some cloud think the Aussie attack, might get some sticks.

S.Africa 3.3

Australia 3.45

Draw 2.40. ?


I have draw much bigger, and have laid.

Radar has a little rain around, but think wind will blow it away, and next 2 days, look v clear, to make up any lost time, (if there is any).


Ball doing nothing ..S.Africa 240-5 .. Brighter, but looks like only mistakes will take wkts .. Not impossible, and maybe pitch will wear ..

Drinks .. S.Africa 263-5 .. Pretty good start for them .. Bowlers look flat, maybe it's the pitch .. Will be interesting to see Steyn/Morkel/Philander, especially if they have niggles.

S.Africa 3.2

Aus 7.6

Draw 1.77


Lunch .. And a session to S.Africa !!

323-5 .. ABDev 102 n.o., and JP 59 n.o.

S.Africa 2.92

Aus 14

Draw 1.69

Bright enough, so imagine lotsa play today .. Maybe S.A get 475 before the close, and get some overs at Aus.

For now, still looks a road.


Mid-way after lunch, and ABDev goes, for a well compiled 100.

374-6 .. Quite bright, thou some dark clouds from the west.

S.Africa 3.45

Aus 13

Draw 1.56


At tea - S.Africa 413-8 .. JP still there on 118, but, with only Steyn and Morkel, u would expect, maybe another 50 runs.

Some talk about a declaration, but, I can't see it.

Still fairly light, think they will go to natural close of play, or v close.

Game is really lifeless .. Prices not moving much.


After tea, S.Africa quickly 423 all out .. Leaves quite a few overs tonite, in good light.

One key thing, is the final test, is in 4 days after the end of this one .. Maybe, the fast bowlers will be looked after, if no wkts early. S.Africa didn't play a spinner, which looks odd.

At change of innings :

S.Africa 3.7

Aus 8.0

Draw 1.64


Amazing session after Tea .. S.Africa bowled with real menace . . Could have had 6, easy.

Aus 112-4 .. 312 behind ..

S.Africa 2.12

Aus 13

Draw 2.22


Monday forecast, v ropes .. Might lose 45 overs.



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