Friday, 13 December 2013

Radio Links

Sorry for the quiet spell ..

Been doing a lot of cricket, and playing golf .. hard life.

Have played 5 rounds with a 26 yr old, from Pretoria, who is trying to turn pro next yr, and we are having
fun .. He has a lot of time off .. from his job as a commercial pilot, which sees a downturn in work, this time of yr.

Played a lot of different courses, and managed to shoot 97, which put the magical 90, in range, but, reverted to mean, and shot 107 next outing .. so, althou am playing some good shots, there is no consistency.

Its coming, but, not sure, the 90, will be in danger any time soon.

Listening to the abject performance by England in Aus .. here are the radio links, for people outside the UK.

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