Monday, 16 December 2013

1st Test - S.Africa v India - Wanderers - Dec 18, 2013

A day before, and prices are :

S.Africa 1.92
India 9.2
Draw 2.72

S.Africa dominated the (truncated) one-day series, and, at a bouncy Wanderers, u would think only rain could stop S.Africa.

There has been some rain around, and I backed the draw at 3.2 last week, which was far too big, and off-loaded at 2.3- 2.4.

It has settled at 2.70, but, the day before, is clearer than I expected, and think it could easily move back to 2.9+.

The test might lose .. 35-50 overs, but, dont think it will b a draw.

1 day later, 2 hrs before 1st ball bowled.

S.Africa 1.72
India 8.0
Draw 3.35

Draw move more than I expected, but, weather yesterday was v clear, apart from late evening thunderstorm, and ths morning, is v pleasant.

Will send a pic soon.

India win toss and decide to bat, which is a bold move.

India run line, about 300. 1.7
India 7.4
Draw 3.5

India get a fairly solid start, but, Steyn gets under Dhawans skin, and he goes .. Out on the hook.

At drinks ..

India 24-1
S.Africa 1.71
India 8.4

Draw 3.25 (went as low as 2.76, pre wkt)

Lunch India 70-2 ..maybe a tad lucky, as SA bowled some great lines.

S.Africa 1.76
India 8.8
Draw 3.1

Some clouds building up, but, unlikely to rain, till v late in the day - maybe 10 overs left.

Got a decent book - anti draw.

Clouds over wanderers ..

Drinks - India 107-2 as Betfair API goes for a walk.

S.Africa 2.08
India 7.2
Draw 2.62
Tea - India 164-4

Clouds have got thinner - no rain today.

S.Africa 1.75
India 8.0
Draw 3.15

Think India might score 300, then .. S.Africa will score 450 .. Draw will Prob crash, but, SA will clean them up, on a faster surface.

Lets see.

Steyn went off, just before drinks, and. SA losing control.

India 213-4

S.Africa 2.42
India 5.7
Draw 2.4

New ball due in 7 overs, but India look like scoring 350+

India finished on 255-5.

After close of play, prices were something like :

S.Africa 2.34
India 7.0
Draw 2.30

2 hours later, a huge storm - even bigger/wetter than last night hit,but,draw has gone to 2.44.

Not sure I understand why.

Draw now 2.30 .. lot will depend, if it moves in next few hrs, etc.



Still light rain, and huge cloud cover.Looks like raining till 11am .. Fancy 30-50 overs lost today.

Market doesnt seem to care/believe ..

S.Africa 2.28
India 6.8
Draw 2.34

I have backed draw .. expecting it to go lower, with little risk.(hopefully).

2nd Day ..

10 hrs of solid rain, but, Wanderers appears to have taken it, and play may start near time.

(Considerable loss to my book, from above)

Draw dived to 2.20 during the night, (I thought it would go lower), but, has bounced out now, to 2.50.

Still clouds about, and maybe some rain later.

India collapse, after some good tight bowling, and are 280 all out.

V bad session for me, as draw blew to 4.3 .. Not much good, of u have stock at 2.42. Sigh.

S.Africa 1.52
India 8.2
Draw 4.4

Drinks after lunch

S.Africa 59-1

India bowled well, and had some chances .. But. No real luck.

Smith looks a walking wicket .. But, always does, and just scores runs.

S. Africa 1.43
India 8.6
Draw 5.2

Radio 2000 commentary, doing my head in. They total amateurs, with smirky voices, who know fuck-all.

Tea S.Africa 118-1

Game going quickly away from India .. Who have been a trifle unlucky.

S.Africa 1.28
India 20
Draw 5.6

Drinks after Tea

S.Africa 151-6 .. An unreal session. SA batting looks brittle to me, (after timing)

S.Africa 1.87
India 2.9
Draw 7.8

Ishant got 2 warnings for running on pitch .. One more, and he's gone.

At COP, S.Africa 213-6 .. 67 behind.

Good fight back from them, and, without rain, draw looks unthinkable.

India dropped an easy slip chance, and with it, maybe the game - as u would think, a 1st inngs lead, for either side, will be decisive.

My book meandered, and basically went backwards from yesterday. Not all days, are golden.

S.Africa 1.58
India 4.3
Draw 7.2

Day 3

Fairly dark at Wanderers, with a fair amount of cloud to west. Light maybe the biggest problem later in the day, thou, some rain might also come in, about 3-4pm.

Draw 7.6 ..

20 mins later - showsuhowfast weather changes on Highveld.

Overcast conditions, and India use them well.

S.Africa 244 all out .. A lead of 36 for India, which might be crucial.

S.Africa 1.86
India 2.48
Draw 15

Lunch - India 31-1 .. Morkel gone for scan on ankle

Lead 67

S.Africa 2.1
India 2.36
Draw 9.8 .. Which seems batshit crazy

If Morkel can't bowl anymore .. Steyn / Philander got a lot if work .. I like India

Drinks after lunch .. India 75-1, lead by 111 .. Morkel at hospital

S.Africa 2.92
India 2.06
Draw 5.6

Still good sunshine .. Don't fancy rain .. But, draw dropping as India scoring quite slowly.

Tea - India 109-2 , lead by 145

Morkel still absent - probably not gonna bowl again, this test.

Light cloud, think they should play till close, quite easily.

S.Africa 3.45
India 2.04
Draw 4.6

210 overs left in game, weather permitting .. India score quite slowly, so, might easily be 350 ahead, by tea-time tmmrw .. Which makes draw a player.

 bowling resources being stretched - Tahir not trusted etc .. Good game.

Drinks - 18 overs left in day

India 217-2, lead 253 .. Morkel still away.

S.Africa 10
India 1.71
Draw 3.1

Steyn / other bowlers being punished .. Looks a hard game to save now.

At COP .. India 284-2, lead by 320 .. Have only ever, lost 1 test, setting a target of 300 .. Dhoni will set 450+ here

S.Africa 20 ?
India 1.90
Draw 2.34

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