Wednesday, 25 December 2013

2nd Test - S.Africa v India- Durban

So, after the pulsating draw in Johannesburg, we move to Durban for the decider .. In the 2 test series.

Some rain in the run-up, and been incredibly wet, generally, in the last 2 mths here, but, the forecast for the 5 days, is pretty good.


S.Africa 1.94

India 5.5

Draw 3.1


India win toss - Kallis announces last Test game, Morkel fit, Tahir dropped.

India bat :

S.Africa 2.22

India 4.9



Looks a Good pitch to bat on .. S.Africa will need early wkts.

Heavily against S.Africa, long India runs ...

39-0 after 12 overs

S.Africa 2.96

India 3.75

Draw 2.52

Booked some profits .. Still against S.Africa


52-1 after 18 .. Still hot/ humid.

S.Africa 2.58

India 4.0

Draw 2.7

Run line .. About 360


Lunch India 78-1 .. Fair start, on a good batting deck. Indeed, u wonder, why it's so good .. Really, it's the sort of pitch India would be used to/want.

S.Africa 2.70

India 4.0

Draw 2.5

Have levelled off a bit ..and the prices look in the ball park. Rain forecast seems to change every few hrs, but, currently, think today and tomorrow will be ok .. Would be tempted to lay the draw, should it go much lower.


During lunch, not sure why, but draw crashed to 2.28

S.Africa 3.25

India 3.85

Draw 2.28

Starting to lay draw ..


Hmm .. Draw crashing .. Rain appearing on Radar .. Might get here after Tea, maybe a little later.

Reversed Draw lay, for a loss ..


Drinks after lunch .. As clouds start to roll in ..but, maybe not rain till after COP.

Bad light, maybe ..

India 136-1 on a road .. Pace bowlers, getting nothing ..

S.Africa 4.6

India 3.95

Draw 1.85

Flatish .. Laying Draw small ..


Getting more n more gloomy .. Light coming on

India 155-1 on the road ..

Draw 1.6 .. Might go lower ..


Almost Tea .. India 160-1 .. Not so sure, they will come back.


And it gets lighter ..

60 overs in, India 181-1 ..

S.Africa 11

India 4.0

Draw 1.49


And they discuss again, obviously ask Smith, if he wants to use spinners, he declines, and they go off.

Light was worse at Tea .. Makes no sense .. Just a nonsense.


Light enter reading 9.3 , woteverthey that means. I think a 8.2 reading at wanderers, they stayed on. Have no idea, if bigger number is more dark etc ..


But, if they gonna use 9.3 for rest of test . It's not that dark .. They will go off, every day ..

S.Africa 12

India 4.1

Draw 1.47


Holiday crowd enjoying itself, running on outfield.

Umps on pitch, talking, no darker, but, not really lighter, either.

Clouds getting thicker .. This is done for today ..

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