Friday, 8 November 2013

WPT - Event 2 - 6 Max thoughts, the day after ...

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Heads up, went to a duel between Diana and Greg.

I played with Diana a lot, and when I was knocked out, she had about 650k, compared to Gregs 400k .. but, would think the heads-up must have been fun.

Diana finally won, when her pocket 10's, beat Gregs pocket 5's .. congrats to both.

The event taught me a lot .. especially abut final stages .. and if u could have your time over, etc, I would have done quite a few things differently.

Really pleased, that I hung in for the money .. played much tighter, from out of position, and was only really willing to throw chips in, with strong suited connectors (above 7), and solid pairs.

I didn't make many chips, once again, from Aces or Kings .. and probably even lost chips, with Kings.

When u have your monsters, u need opponents to also have v strong hands .. Diana picked up 400k in 2 pots, with Aces v Queens in 2 pots, and that can be the difference.

I peaked at about 345k chips, but, moving to the 'Table of Death' , really ended my chance to win the thing .. especially once I 3 bet, Leo Margets, with pocket 4's, and she shoved on me. I lost 60k, in that encounter, and tossed away another 100k, with a 10 high flush, when she re-shipped on me - maybe I should have called .. but, probably, think not.

U can always look back, and think things could have gone differently .. but, 6th was v fair ..

The play from the overseas professionals, is at a different level, to most of the locals .. but, the deep chip stacks, maybe makes them play differently, which they have more experience of ..

I wish the local tournys, were not as 'fast', at the end stages.

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