Thursday, 7 November 2013

WPT - Event 2 - $1000 6-Max NLHE - Day 2

Day 2, reconvened at the Emperors casino, Johannesburg, at 1.30pm.

24 players left, and I am lying in 12th place, with an above average stack.

After making a Day 2, at Emerald casino, 6 mths ago .. 20th overnite, of 55 or so, with 30 making the money, and lasting 20 mins, when my pocket 10's crashed and burned against Aces, was determined, to A) last longer than 20 mins, and B) Make the money.

We all got new table draws, and I had a fair one, with 2 short stacks, I think I can bully.

Early on, I completed in the big blind, with 10♦, 9♠, and saw a flop with one other person.

A♠,10♠, 6♣. As the pot was unraised, figured my 10 was good .. and bet, which was called.

Turn was 9♥, giving me 2 pair, which definately seemed good, but, my opponent called.

River was 10♣ .. giving me a boat, and was able to get another street of value. Big pot, which moved my stack over 190k.

A few hands later, I get almost the same hand -  9♣, 10♣, and get to see a cheap flop.

This time, its J♣, 7♣, 2♠ .. it gets checked, and the turn is the 7♠ .. I check raise, and the other player calls .. which isnt so good .. but, hit the 8♦ on the river, for a well hidden straight, and get another 40k.

Players at the table are getting a big short-stacked, and a 85k stack, shoves his 7♦,7♠, and I call with A♠,J♠.

The flop comes :

8♠,9♠, 9♦, meaning I have the flush draw, and overcards .. turn is 8♣, which counterfeits his 7's and the K♦ on the river, is no help to him, so I win with Ace high.

My stack is now 220 k .. 19 left, and am feeling invincible.

Soon lose 15k in chips, and cut-back on opening range .. which might have cost me, as sucessive pots would have been won, with 4/5 offsuit, and A 3 spades, which I chose not to play.

Lost a 75k pot . somehow .. dont remember .. it got too hard to record it all, am on 122k, with 18 left, when I pick up pocket Kings, for the 3rd time, in the tourny.

Won a small pot, with them, and move back above 150k, with 18 left (in the money, and we have re-drawn for seats).

I stilll havent played with Leo Margets (Poker Stars pro - or Greg Ronaldson), which was a good thing, as they both outclass me ..

On my new table, there is a Canadian .. and I manage to put him on tilt, when he starts attacking my blinds. I re-raise .. he re-raises, so I shove .. with

J♣, 3♥ .. not the best, but, he folds to the pressure, and I show the bluff.

2 hands later, I pick up 10♠,10♦, and a 10♥ on the river, causes him to give me 45k, and some deep breaths. (thou I think 10,s were in front, without the last card).

This run of cards continues .. I get 6♣,7♣ .. hit a flush on the flop, and push my stack over 325k.

As we lost players, our table broke .. 12 left, and I get the worlds worst new table :

Leo Margets/Greg Ronaldson/Jennifer leigh/another female pro .. and me.

I need a lotta help .. and literally gave away 150k in chips, before I adjusted.

Made some all-ins moves, and didnt totally panic, and soon, Greg dents Jennifer, and as short stack, she goes out shortly after. The other lady pro, got severely dented, in another 300k pot with Greg, and .. she was soon, also out .. making a final 7 .. and the final table !!

Some good prize money, and I am 2nd short stack.

The blond lady, (Dianna), is the lady I gave 35k chips to, on Day 1, with pocket Qs, beaten by her pocket Aces, and .. almost 3rd hand of the final table, she gets Aces again, and her all-in of 300k, is called .. by pocket Queens !!

She holds up, and the guy is left, with 15k, which althou he doubles, isnt enough, as the blinds are so aggresive, and he soon gets eliminated.

6 left, and I decide to try and wait for one more elimation, before getting hyper-aggresive.

As it happens, I picked up A♠,Q♦, UTG, so, just trying to not get eaten away myself (BB is 10k, I have 165k), I shove .. and get called by Gregs A♣,K♦ .. and go out.

No complaints .. was more than fair ..and picked up $6000.

Over the 2 days, I saw pocket Aces twice, pocket Kings 4 times, Queens once, and Jacks .. maybe twice.

I feel I had some run, but, also, but some pressure on, at both good and bad times .. in hindsight, the J/3 bluff was excessive .. to have gone out, in 18th or so, would have been devastating.

The pros, are v controlled, and once they have a stack, can make calculated moves, without endangering their tournament life. Its good to watch and learn.

I was a bit tired after day 1, but, day 2 was better .. but, cant justify entering the main event.

I may play, one more event, on Saturday.


As I write this .. 3 left .. no surprises .. Dianna/Leo/Greg .. all would be worthy champions.

Many thanks to all the WPT staff .. who made the event run so smoothly .. it was a lot of fun, and great experience.

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