Tuesday, 5 November 2013

WPT - Event 1 - $200 NL Holdem, with re-buys and add-on

3rd fucking time I am trying to write this .. and am not happy.

Ipad has eaten 2 attempts, if this one dies .. then .. fuck it.

Day 1 started at 7pm, which is pretty odd, for a 7 hrs ship fest, as starting stacks of 20k, for $200, when u can re-buy and get 10k chips, for $50, for all of Day 1, or double re-buy for $100/20k, and get a top-up at the end of the night, for $50, another 20k chips.

The 1st 4 hrs, was senseless, and was so bored, often raised with 9♠, 4♦, and showed multiple bluffs.

Table didn't really care .. only the guy to my left, could actually play .. rest were defensive / limping nits, who wont gamble, and wouldn't put chips in play.

For all that, finished the nite on 87k chips, .. and got to bed at 3am .. had to be on the golf course .. at 7am .. so got 3 hrs sleep .. played v decently .. shot 46 on the back 9, and got 3 more hrs sleep, before Day 2 started, at 3pm.

320 entries, 220k highest stack. Now a freeze out.

Early on, was able to add 65k to my stack, with A♦, A♣, on a board of 2♠,2♦,Q♥, when one guy was all in pre-flop, and another gave me 3 streets of value, with presumably A Q.

So, got to 135 k .. and that was pretty much that.

Then got into 3 'races'

1st race .. K♥, 9♥, for a 90k pot, aganst Q♦,J♣, - pre-flop .. and board comes : Q♥, 10♥, 7♣.

I was/am such a big fav, its unfunny, but his pair held up.

2nd race .. A♦, K♠, against A♥, 10♦, pre-flop for 75k chips .. he made trip 10s.

3rd race .. Q♠, J♠, against 4♣, 4♦ on a board of J♦, Q♦, 8♣, and he makes a fucking flush.

Unbelievably sick, played v well, but didn't get any bounces.

Preparing for the $1k 6 max tomorrow ..

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