Friday, 8 November 2013

Playing Hardball

Let me start, by saying, I hate real estate agents.

Much like, bankers/lawyers/parking meter attendents .. I am sure, they have their supporters .. somewhere, but, in a country where they can often charge 7% .. yes, an eye-watering 7% of the price .. they get short shrift from me.

I have been trying to sell a property ..

I gave a mandate to sell, and specified, I wanted a certain price.

We had 2 offers, which would have fallen $5000 or so, below this price, so, I turned the offer down.

This was over the last 5 weeks, and the agent, who wants her commission, is trying to get me to budge ..

The poker, has, if anything, made me even more reluctant to sell .. and when she came with a 3rd offer .. cash, but still $5000 short, I resoundly told her, NO !!

It turns out, the potential buyer, wants to buy 3 properties, and has given her a headache, in that, he has said, he will take all 3, or none.

Cut a long story short, she is cutting her comm .. at least on my property ..

Megarain 1  .. Estage Agent 0

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