Monday, 15 July 2013

WSOP - 2013

Have been wasting huge swathes of time, watching both the live feeds, and on-demand output, from the 60 odd bracelet events, in this years competitions.

ESPN hold the rights, and the coverage is v good, with only some moans, arising from occasional sound/picture loss, and a few events, missing key parts.

The coverage is mainly final table,and shows hand-by-hand,for between 5-8 hrs,depending how the events take.

The final table money ladders, are often v considerable, ranging from say $50k, in 9th place, to $300k in 4th, and $750k to the winner, so, bad beats etc, are v costly.

As the pay jumps are so big, ICM, (independent chip model), has great usage, as players have to be v aware, of playing marginal hands, or even strong hands, where variance can be either extremely costly or rewarding.

It's notable, a lot of the tables are mainly male, normally, young males, who have all paid between $1k and $111k, to pay each event. The $111k event, - the "One Drop", supports a water charity, and 11k per entry, is donated.

Field size has been v good, and this years $10k main event, had 6500 entries .. That's a big prize pool, with the top 10% getting paid.

On-line poker has just about begun in New Jersey, and Las Vegas is not far behind. The sites are rushing to finish the products, and its a question, of whether u want to be first to market, or have the best product. I hope the products are good - for now, only state-wide is legal, so, someone in Texas can't play with someone in Vegas, but, hopefully, things will change a the federal level, fairly soon.

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