Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Social Media

Sorry not to have done much blogging lately, just been really lazy, and some of my thoughts, would have really pissed off some people.

This is it my intention, but, sometimes, u just can't help it.

Social Media is a lot like that. People want info, but your stuff gets repeated, people get jealous, and start calling u names. It's tedious, but that's the downside to having a social media prescience, and now Block idiots a lot quicker.

Sometimes, experience pros, lose their rag, and it's hard to fathom. All I can think, is that they are having a bad trot ( P/L ) wise, and lose their sense of balance.

When this happens, it's sad .. But, it's easier for all concerned, just to block them, ( on twitter ) for a cooling off period .. And let them back later, if they want .. Maybe, they don't, which is also fine.

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