Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Ashes - so far - Ramdom Thoughts

Pre series, I thought Aus would struggle to win a game, and almost wrote an article, on a new website, but, it never happened.

The 1st game, would have had me worried, but, the second, has reinforced my view, and, thou I still believe England are over-rated, just can't see a historically poor Aussie team, beating them.

The weather has been blissful so far, but, am hopeful the rains will come for Manchester, and we get some weather trading.

I like the way Cook leads England, and,thou by a few accounts, he needs some presentation / motivational speaking skills, to be enhanced, it's clear the team has a few characters, and a general good team spirit.

I suppose it's fairly easy to have this, when u are winning, but it's stil nice to see.

Ticket touts have been doing a great business, and was asked to pay £275 for a Day 1 ticket at Lords .. I didn't .

The grounds are doing far more to engage the public, which is great .. Someone is listening.


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