Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Ashes - 1st Test - Trent Bridge

And so it starts.

I think Darren Lehman will prove to be a good coach .. so long as Aus are playing well ..

Not sure, they have the team, to be all that competitive, despite the fact, I think Eng are a tad over-rated.

Price ,, pre- Day 1 - No weather issues .. should see full 5 days.

Eng 1.95

Aus 4.1

Draw 3.95

Traders expecting no draw, as pitch will deteriorate quickly, days 4/5.

Am playing golf, all of Day 1, so wont be doing much, but have left up some lays of the draw, below 3.0.

End Day 1 .. didn't watch much, but golf was fun.

Eng were 215 all-out, and Aus 75-4 in return.

Eng 1.76

Aus 2.76

Draw 17

Lunch Day 2 .. Aus fly, then fall, now flying again

Aus quickly scored 35 runs, and moved to almost favs, before losing a clutch of wkts, for a few runs, and at 117-9, 100 behind, they were in huge trouble, and Eng, 1.2x or so.

An unreal partnership, .. which is still going, now sees :

Eng 1.75

Aus 2.72

Draw 16

Broad is 95% a passenger .. but still think Aus will struggle to win .. pitch looks a belter now ..

Am against Aus, at good average.

End day 3, and have been dipping in and out, at various times.

Eng 260-6 net, on a wearing pitch, with some chance of rain, after tea on Day 4, but, time can be made up on Day 5, which looks clear.

Eng 1.33

Aus 5.6

Draw 13

Highest 4th inngs chase .. at Trent Bridge is 284 .. so, chasing even 260, will be tough.

Flat book, for now, but will lay draw, if it goes sub 10.


Interesting twists to the game, not least The Tie, traded at 11.0.


England are the better side. Not sure Aus will win a game.


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