Saturday, 20 May 2017

Roadblocks ..

So, there is a thread on Bet Angel, re a trader who has decided to call it quits. Hes 20 yrs old .. grew a bank from 1k to 10k, then lost all of the winnings, in 1 day.

Hes decided to quit .. and the thread has run to 5 pages.

I am now, tired/jaded and not in a good mood to be compassionate .. which, is a neg EV play anyway.

People dont like the truth. He should quit, and move on, but basically wants sympathy.

We all want sympathy. Everyone has a good story, about how hard they work. Details are just details, if u havent got the self-motivation/life skills  to be a pro-gambler, then the market will get you,


Am losing weight, whuch is maybe making me crotchety. How the fuck, can a muffin have 450 calories, when a Jammie Dodger has 78. How can Rhubarb yoghurt have 114 calories, when raspberry has 46. Life isn't fair .. get used to it.


  1. Trading forums are full of Walter Mitty types who've only ever lost their winnings. But forums need them so other members can chip inn with their own tales of how they've overcome their trading problems. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy comes back to tell us he'll won it all back, and more, after attending some training course or other :)

  2. the most interesting response was via the green all over blog < re his " walter mitty " comments . The chap behind the blog is Robert Salter / Alter who has been tracked down and is living in the USA and not Surrey . In 2015 using a landline attached to his XX draws site details ( shown to Peter Webb ) he phoned a chap to threaten them .