Friday, 3 July 2015

Another boring golf story ...

When u play a sport, either competitively, or, just for recreation etc, u pretty soon get an idea of how good u are .. Comparing yourself, either time wise, or score wise, to your peers.

Current pro golfers, hit the ball (sometimes), 350 yards, fearlessly straight, and go round the 18 holes, off the back tees (hardest), in anything from say 68 to 74, on a par 72 course.

During the game, a lot of pros, will hit, fantastic shots, amateurs can just gawp at.

On the 4 Par 3,s, a pro can be expected to get a hole in one, - the perfect shot, something like, 1 in every 800 attempts.

Many pro golfers have aces on 20-30 holes, while oddly, a few have v few .. 

I have never really come close .. Maybe 2-3 feet away, would be the best, on a hole ranging from 110 yards, to 150 yards away.

My game is steadily improving, and I now really like my posture / stance, once my back is warmed up, and have taken back pain pills.

Playing yesterday, I was playing ok, on a course near Stratford, which I was playing for the first time. We played the first 9 holes, with a member, and made a phenomenal birdie on the 7th hole, (holing a 20 footer), so - all was good.

Was losing the match thou - which was a travesty - but - it can happen.

On the 14th hole - a Par 4, 277 yard, slightly downhill, breeze behind, I viewed the green, and thought it was possible to get somewhere near. Most of my really (good) drives, go about 240 yards, so, it was just in range.

Taking my trusty driver, I gave it an almighty smack, and the true joy u experience, when u see the ball launch off the face of the club, is something every true sportsman will know.

The ball's flight was perfection, 100 % true! landing probably 50 yards short of the green, but rolling, at a decent speed towards the cup.

It was on line, thou, from 270 yards away, it wasn't the easiest to see .. And must have just brushed the edge of the hole, before coming to a stop, 3 yards past.

So, I have a 10 footer for eagle - I can't remember too many others in my golfing career, and gave it my full attention. The greens were v true, so, was determined not to be short - , but, didn't hit it right, and the ball finished about a foot left/short. Easy birdie .. And a hole/shot I will always remember.

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