Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Ashes 2015 - prepare for another over-hyped series

As u get older, u have experienced more, and sporting things, tend to become less relevant, and certainly, less exciting, than, when they were first enjoyed.

After the pleasure of watching England and New Zealand play cricket, in a sense of enjoyment, rather, than purely trying to win, am preparing myself for the shit-storm,that will no doubt hit, when Australia play England in their back-yard.

Series betting is as follows :

England to Win ..5.5

Australia to win 1.40

Drawn Series ..9.0

England are a work-in-progress type team, with some pretty tired bowlers, but, they generally, have been v hard to beat at home. Australia to win 5-0, are only 13/1, which, to me, is an insane price, given the prices for the first test in Cardiff are :

England  4.5

Australia  2.06

Draw 3.55

I would advise a maximum lay of Aus to  win 5-0, but, it involves tying up a decent chunk of your bank, for 5 weeks or so.

I think Aus are a little over-rated, and have laid the 1.40, for Aus to win the series.


  1. Hi, how do you trade cricket matches? Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks

    1. Thats a long question.

      I take a poisition, and have multiple bets, to increase its value (hopefully).

      So, the series bet I advised .. I laid 1.40 for, say £1000 .. so, win £2500 if they dont win.

      market is now 1.45 .. I can back them, say £450/£1000, so, my liabilty is now £550/£1500 .. my avg lay is 1.35 ,, value.

      Try to repeat.

  2. Hi, very impressive. Do you have a trading service? It is test match trading that I am interested in. Thanks

    1. Hmm .. thats a tricky one, on multiple levels.

      The short answer is probably No .. if I were to offer a service, it would be 'expensive' - like maybe, £500 a mth - to maybe 10 clients. And I am not sure even this would get my attention.

      I make too much, just doing my thing .. and, having to churn out stuff, just becos someone is paying, isnt really my bag.

      I will try to post more .. but, the workload in the summer is just astronomical - and, I have little time.

      Thx for the comment.