Tuesday, 14 July 2015

ICC T20 qualifiers

The minnows, are playing a range of qualifiers, in Scotland and Ireland.

The local attendances has been limited .. maybe 300, if the home side is playing, on a good day (Saturday/Sunday) .. but, the support, of other countries, has at times, been amazing.

The Afghanistan side, have a few v decent players - and locals, have come from far and wide to watch, the star players.

Mohammed Shahzad (77), has been a joy to watch, as he demolishes the opposition bowling.

Travelling support from Afghanistan - they have driven 50 miles .. for a game, that was always likely to be rained out - and was.

Tomorrow they play Oman .. who managed a win against the Netherlands, which is quite a scalp - but, would be v surprised, if they are a match for the Afghans.

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