Sunday, 21 September 2014

Spots in Life/Gambling .. General

Just a ramble .. like my life.

After a few Champions League games, have managed to win on every one .. and its becoming a more definite factor, that I don't open a position till after, maybe 5-7 overs.

The games are only 20 overs each, so, by waiting 15% of the game time, u get to see :

1. The direction the mkt wants to take .. which is super important, if u want to nick a few ticks, or decide if u want to go against the tide.

2. How far behind your feed is : (for me, its about 7 secs) - so, u tailor your mkt participation, accordingly.

3. What twitter thinks !! .. which, sometimes, can be v interesting.

Anyway, am enjoying the fact there are games every day, and its something to do.

(( I saw a tweet by the bowler Robbie Frylink, who conceded 16 runs, in the last over, to maybe lose a game for his side. Its hard to defend in the last over, so, I didnt blame him, and his earlier 3 overs had gone for .. 16 total, so, he had bowled v well till that point. It shows players do really care, and use social media, probably far more than we appreciate))


I am without a house, and presently renting, whilst the builders/knock down/rebuild.

This is after 1 weeks work : I am hoping to see something complete by March 2015 - but, a lot depends on the weather in the interim (delays) etc.


I am driving about 4 hrs a week now, much less than in previous yrs, and am listening to a v interesting Pod cast ..

These are discussions with people who won a lot/were v good at poker, but decided the overall total of what was being experienced, wasn't enough - and moved on.

The author, is Terrence Chan, who goes about life, looking for greener grass .. and has the balls to experience almost anything. I wish him well .. some of his posts, are v interesting.


I am a v bad text er .. I saw this photo, and it made me laugh.

Maybe we will see car lanes with the same .. I still see far too many people texting, whilst driving.


Have a good one ..

Be yourself - everyone else is taken .. Oscar Wilde

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