Monday, 1 September 2014

Dont worry, Be Happy

I have been doing a LOT of travelling around Africa, (not just to find an easy Golf Course to shoot 90 on), thou that's part of it ..

In one place, I stayed at a lodge, where some Jehovah's Witnesses stayed .. (if your head drops, I can understand) . but, they told me stories/facts, that they had local meetings, where 80,000 people turned up, and had over 1500 baptisms.

I manged to avoid conversation on the 1st night, but, on the second, they got me, and we had a discussion. I got a free pen.

They are nice people.

For a lot of them .. possessions inhibit you (maybe that's why I got the pen) ..

The next day, I was playing 9 holes of golf, and was talking to my caddie. I like to take a caddie, as he has better eyes than me to find my ball, and I have someone to talk to .. as most people now avoid me.

He has 2 kids, 2 and 6, and they go to school. From where he stays, it costs him $3 return trip, to get to the golf course, and when he works, he gets $10 for 9 holes, or $20 for 18. There are 110 caddies waiting for a bag .. so, they work maybe 4 times a week, (as people are not playing Golf so much). So, his income is maybe $100 a week.

The school fees for the kids, are $25 a term - each.

U can see, its a struggle, and people are living hand to mouth, but, respect the law, and are peaceful people.

(I asked my taxi driver what he pays in school fees .. he replied $300 a term  but, that's for a school 2 hrs drive away, so she boards)

((Some of the top boarding schools in Africa cost $6,500 a term .. some kids .. who might see this, might see how much their parents love them))

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