Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Have joined a local golf club, and am now playing regularly twice a week.

This should help my scores, and indeed, I did manage a decent 97 today, which felt better .. as had 2 balls out of bounds on a tricky par 3 .. (ok, not that tricky, its only 160 metres), and 3 other 7's, elsewhere.

I do think, the 90, is in reach.

One of the guys in my four-ball, was 83yrs young, playing off 29, and shot a net 64 !! He was v pleasant to play with, telling me stories of sport in his youth. Back in the day, sponsorship didn't exist, and he favoured baseball over cricket, as Firestone bought them kit.

His brother, also a natural athlete, still holds the Transvaal record, of 5 wickets in 7 balls .. pretty good effort !!

Am looking forward to the Ryder Cup this weekend, and will try to watch all of it .. I haven't had any real bets .. may look to get with some individual matches, but, really, its just a guess.

I am negative of the financial markets, and think the AliBaba IPO, may have marked a top, in the US and UK exchanges. I am aggressively short ..

Gold has retraced to $1230 or so .. and its been a big winner. Am taking some profit, but, still can see it lower.

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