Saturday, 19 November 2016

Struggle Street - (fully parked in)

Thanks for the encouraging messages ..

Not much has changed, if anything, it has got worse, with the S.African cricket authorities, deciding, no courtsiders will be allowed in stadia. Only 4 odd games have gone by, since the ruling (probably brought about, as they lost key sponsor of domestic T20, maybe becos of a number of players, being involved in match fixing).

On top of this, the Indian government outlawed high value banknotes, which meant the local bookies had some liquidity problems, (which I am sure they will get around), but, for now, liquidity on a lot of games, has been affected (downwards).

For now, its a waiting game, and am using the time to do chill a bit, and look at my big reds on the financials. Its not a pleasant start to the day.

//  Footnote //

Was composing this post, whilst watching the Zim v Windies ODI, in which, I had a decent Red.

Game ended in a Tie (all bets void), .. maybe, things are turning.

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