Monday, 3 October 2016

How Much ??

Ok, So, I do a fair amount of travelling, and sometimes get the munchies.

Airports are never the cheapest places to get supplies .. but, it gives u opportunities to test your personal EV levels.

I walked into a sweet emporium (Non Uk), and found these ..

Ok, So we Know they have a retail price of £1 in the Uk .. what can they reasonably cost ?

Local equivalent, of maybe £1.50 would be reasonable .. £4.35, is probably not.

I asked to see the owner, and debated how his pricing mechanism worked .. and ( where were the police ?)

He didnt see my humour .. but after holding up .. maybe 4 people in the line, paid the money - which I instantly regretted.

If .. as pro-gamblers, we havent got reasonable expected returns .. it will all fall apart. This, was a clear pass, and I failed the test .. which, is a wake-up call.

As it happens .. I have been on a fair run. the tipping verification site, now has me down as 11 from 14 winning tips .. a 78% strike-rate.

It will need to continue .. if I am willing to pay 4x, for other shit.


  1. I apply EV to all aspects of life, especially non-consumables. The phrase "you can't take it with you" is very true.

    In recent years I have sold off everything I accumulated during my brief career in The City. Coming from a working-class family the sudden wealth made me spend-crazy.

    Now, I only buy 2nd hand or can be found in the reduced price section of a supermarket deciding on the week's menu. I avoid Apple like the plague. I don't have a contract phone. I avoid micro-payments like the plague too.

    As Bob Hoskins once said in an advert, "Every little helps". Anything I save here and there gets invested in the portfolio.

    A lot of beginner sports traders have seen films like Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street and only imagine sports trading as a route into "the lifestyle". A few years as a sports trader and then forex trading here I am come!

    What these beginners seem to forget is that the aforementioned movies both involve getting rich through fraud and the eventual downfall of the protagonists. Most employees in The City are functionaries and their salaries disappear on rents and mortgages in high-value areas.

    The more you save, the less you have to earn or the quicker you retire.

  2. Thx for your comments.

    I am a serial waster of money .. its a leak, probably, a big leak, but, its ok .. I dont buy shoes/ties/cars etc .. just, an above average amount of golf balls, which, seem to be faulty (they dont listen, like the ones the pros have).

    I play golf with more than a fair share or seniors .. and its heart-breaking, when a 77yr old, has to sell his final bits of his portfolio, to pay bills.

    There is no finish line to life .. and as u say, a bet saved, is a bet won.