Friday, 21 October 2016

Bad timing or what ?

So, have been binge watching 'Narcos' .. a series largely about Pablo Escobar .. some 18 or so episodes in, and am half-way thru, an episode called 'Exit El-Patron' .. from which I surmise he gets his just deserts, when Netflix appears to have been hit, by a DDOS attack.

A trifle frustrating .. but, allows me to wander off on another tangent.

One of the recent podcasts I listened to, was about super chickens :

Its an interesting idea, that, for corporations to excel, u need collaboration.

It occurred to me, there is little collaboration between pro-gamblers .. unless they are part of a syndicate, and, maybe its a deficiency.

Sharing expertise is hard to quantify -- u don't know the value of a spreadsheet, or 15 yrs trading experience, but, its probably something that should be explored.

Quite how u do it, is another problem.

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