Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Driving all over the country

In Poker, 'rounders', or professional poker players, consider the daily grind to be pretty tortuous, with late starts, sitting at the table, trying to beat the rake/boredom/mental issues, of making a living at the game.

I appreciate its not easy .. But, in the last few days, have probably logged 12-14 hrs each day, of driving/watching cricket, and it's tough.

With every day, stock markets become more efficient, and, it's probably also true of sports betting markets. 

So, u need a fresh brain, and, that's not always easy to achieve, if u have been stuck in traffic/had a delayed connection. The absolute worst, would be getting there, and seeing the game .. A one-way train .. Or worse, called off.

My lifetime worst for this .. Was an hr drive, from Malaysia to Singapore airport, a 4 hr flight to Hong Kong, a 1 hr commute to the race track .. To find, racing was at a different venue, 2 hrs away .. Which I couldn't get to.

Not a good day.

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