Saturday, 23 April 2016

More batty prices.

So, am still here .. 

The poker is beatable, at least on the east coast, where there seem to be more tourists.

The west coast, is the big leagues, and they play a v nitty style, due to the high rake. This forces u to really be patient, and just play top 6% hands, hoping a unknown will sit down, and donate their money.

Sports gambling is really big, and dropped into Kentucky, for a look. It's a beautiful place.

Here are some interesting pics. The only loss of Man o War, well described. Man o War boulevard, which runs thru Lexington, gave me the chills.

The keeneland race meet in April, is 23 meetings, almost daily, and they get 25,000 in on most days, 55,000, at he weekend.

It's $3 to go in, and $3 for a race add, but that's the only value.

It's all tote betting, with a minimum 16% house rake. If a Punter wins more than $1199, they pay 30% government tax. Seems hard to beat to me .. Yet, they queue up, to give it away.

Lines are so big, they have drive-thrus, like McDonald's ... Seriously, WTF ??

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