Thursday, 14 April 2016

Adjusting to Theme Park price tilt

So, am on the road in the US of A.

It's an expensive place, for mere mortals. Minimum wage in my county is $1 an hr, in Washington it's currently $10, probably going to $15 .. Now, things here are expensive .. Coffee at Starbucks is $4, which is 3 times the price, I would expect to pay .. Nightly rates at basic 3 star hotels, are $100+ ..

Anyway, was getting past all of it, when we hit the theme parks.

4 adults (anything over 11 is an adult), for 2 days at Universal .. $800. The on-site hotel .. $300 a night, plus $22 parking, per day, (don't even think about free breakfast).

U walk in .. Someone takes you pic .. $30. Bottle of water, $2, sometimes $3. 

Fast pass tickets, an extra $200 .. Lines for fast pass, still for some rides, 15 mins. Harry Potter world well done .. But they are taking the piss. $40 for a fucking wand !! It's a little bit of plastic for fucks sake !!

The guy outside gringots has the right idea ..He got the lot.

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