Monday, 10 August 2015

Womens Ashes - Test at Canterbury

The female Ashes series has gotton a lot of media coverage, with attendances and TV viewers being roundly sought after.

I attended the One Day game at Worcester, and it seemed pretty clear to me, Australia have a very solid top/middle order, which England never looked like breaking down.

On the eve of the game, most bookies bet, something like :

Eng 3.4

Australia 2.6

Draw 2.8

Its only a 4 day game, so, the draw has a decent chance. I would have England, much bigger, and although the markets are v small, have a position against England.


Aus win the toss and bat.

Overcast, so, do respect the draw, but, cant fathom how England are gonna take 20 wickets, so, have laid max Eng at 3.75 avg.


Aus 54-0 after 16 overs ;

Eng 8.00

Australia 2.7

Draw 1.94

Nice to look at a green book, after last week.


This is going pear .. from 80-2 at Lunch, Shrubsole has bowled really well, and Aussies look in a fair amount of trouble, at 97-4.

Eng 2.6

Aus 3.2

Draw 3.0

Have laid more Eng.


100-5 and Eng touch 1.90 .. laid more, so, my overall avg is now 2,7

Will try to reduce liability, if it gets back there.


Aus 126-5

Eng 2.70

Aus 3.5

Draw 2.80


COP Aus 268-8 .. which is a v fair effort, given they were 100-5.

Current prices, (with weather forecast generally improving)

Eng 4.4

Aus 2.4

Draw 2.80

Now comes the traders dilema. I can bank a profit, (which usually is a reasonable option, and even feel, 4.5 or so on Eng, is about right - but, still cant pull the trigger).

I am genuinely surprised, Lanning and Perry scored so few runs, and have to believe, they will be better in the 2nd dig.

If  I had no previous position on this game, I would lay the draw .. but, have a fair amount of travel in the next few days, making weather watching tricky, so, I will probably just leave my position as is.


Day 2 - and some nasty rain, came from almost no-where. Delayed start, to about 12.30, but, time can be made up .. might lose 8 overs today.

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