Wednesday, 5 August 2015

4th Ashes Test - Trent bridge

I may do a blog on this test, even thou, I cant watch much of days 1 and 2.

On the eve of the game, they now bet :

England 3.2

Australia  2.08

Draw 4.6

Over the last week, the draw has been the really weak link - maybe the groundsman is worried he produced such a poor pitch for the England v India game last yr, that, hes determined this will have more life.

The weather forecast is better, but, I still cant have England this short, and have a big position against them, going in.


Aus lose the toss, and Eng decide to bowl, on what did look to be a green-top.

At start of play :

England 3.0

Australia 2.12

Draw 5.1


Australia lose 3 wickets, inside the first 2 overs :

England 1.58

Australia 3.75

Draw 9.6


Going for a long walk ..


Done a few laps, and booked the loss at the end of the day .. U could argue, I should have bailed, once they lost the toss, and were put in .. but, thats gambling.

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