Thursday, 5 February 2015


Every one experiences some sort of pressure .. whether it be more than your fair share, or a lot less.

I am starting to feel the 90 on a golf course, is still a ways off, despite having some golf lessons last week, which, helped whilst I was on the range, but, didnt on the golf course (sending the first 3 drives out-of-bounds) . . but, am regularly now shooting 93 or so, and just losing 2 balls less a round, would probably do it.

In my quest, I went to the local driving range .. which, is a bit olde-worlde. You literally get a bucket of very moth-eaten balls, go to a delapidated part of the golf course, and meet up with a 'fetcher', who, watches you dispatch balls, hither, and tries to remember where they went, so, he can retrieve them.

Getting back to my cottage, which, I am holed-up-in, whilst my house is being built, a Bumble-Bee wandered in, and had severe problems getting out. Its buzz, got louder and louder, as it continually tried to climb higher (not knowing, lower was a better solution), and I fleetingly wondered if bees feel pressure .. before it started getting tired, came lower, and I swatted it.

Ok, I didnt - I ushered it out the door .. and it seemed happy to fly off.

 I suppose the biggest pressure sport of them all, the Super-Bowl, saw just how fine an edge, winning and losing can be. For those of u, who didnt watch, the Seahawks had the ball, 2 yards from winning the game, with 30 seconds left, and elected to try to throw the touchdown pass, rather than give it to a star rusher, who would be expected to run the 2 yards, maybe 90% of the time. The pass was intercepted, and they lost. This call, was intensely dissected and criticized, but, few failed to spot, of the 109 previous throws from 2 yards, NONE had been intercepted, so, u can argue, the coach who made the call, was just unlucky.

As u can probably tell from this meandering, I am at a loose end, before the start of the cricket world cup, which, will probably be fairly exciting, but more concerning to me - tiring, as the games are starting at very uncivilsed hours, if u are not in the host location.

As in most of these competitions, Australia are normally favourite, and in the month before the event starts, they tend to get shorter in price, even thou, the price a month ago, seemed short enough.

I have now learnt this trend, and whilst in previous yrs, I would have laid Aus at 3.75, this yr, I backed them, and have now unloaded all of it, at 3.20.

Winning some money from a bookie last yr, I backed in S.Africa at 5.5 and 5.0, and have now unloaded all of this, at 4.1 .. so, in theory at least, I have a decent book.

All the teams have faults. Its inconcievable to me, that W.Indies or Pakistan will win, England also have v little chance, which leaves Sri lanka, India or New Zealand as the only realistic opposition.

Of those, everyone has now cottoned on to the fact, New Zealand are playing really well, but, 7.0, is also no value .. so, am having to sit on the sidelines for now, and will probably look to re-buy Aus and S.Africa, at bigger prices.

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