Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Patience - Ignore the idiots

A few things in this post.

1. What a bunch of clowns, Cricket South Africa are. All they have to do, is be nice to people, arrange a few cricket games, and reap in the money. Due to an odd sequence of events, they are currently playing a series against Bangladesh, in the most god-forsaken outreaches of S.Africa, where, only a few (drunk) students or cattle might wander in. The level of cricket is dire, and no-one is watching (has watched).

India have long lost patience, and .. holding all the cards, have amended tours. S.Africa now get to play a 4 day test match, on Boxing day, versus Zimbabwe. Whoopee Doo.

The Global T20, is a colossal fuck-up, and, has now been postponed, 3 weeks before its due to start. Quite what, local domestic players, are supposed to do, in the interim, hasn't yet been announced. maybe they will be available, to help herd the cattle. Let alone, all the good people, who have booked flights, booked hospitality boxes, planned trips, etc etc.

Mis-management of country affairs, should be punishable. Its clearly gross mis-management. (I am sure, the ex-CSA head, Haroon Lorgat, will get a fancy settlement.) He deserves nothing.

// Moving on

2. I try to be nice to people, but, I am not giving away intellectual property for free. I have had too many free-loaders, and am calling time. If u write to me, asking for stuff, I have paid good money for, and spent many hours, working on projects, u will get a short answer, and it wont be yes.

On a forum, there was a teaser thread, where a piece of software, is trying to drum up interest, in what it deems, a new bit of software, that will change the way, trading takes place.

As people were guessing etc, someone asked for something, that I mentioned, was already available, on a rival bit of kit .. like 3 yrs ago. Instead of getting a polite PM, asking for the name etc, the requester sarcastically asked me to name it, on a rival website. I didn't, and the forum member, will again, get short shrift for me in future.

I am tired of all the parasites. The fact I knew this little known feature was available, should have comanded some respect. But, its in short supply. They can all fuck-off.

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