Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Free Play scams

As an  'Advantage Player', you should be aware of 'the good stuff', that may occasionally pass u by.

Some of the stories are merely entertaining, others, a little more instructive.

There is a lesson here .. maybe multiple lessons.

Free Play .. is basically credits, which a casino will add to your players card, to entice u into the casino, and get u maybe hooked on slots ..

The amount they give u, is normally quite small .. but, even so, $50 free play, (played thru the machine, by even a basic payer .. should return $45).

At the casino, free play is normally added to your players card, at the customer relations help-desk.

Here are 2 stories :

At one desk .. a player was supposed to be given $100.00, but, was mistakenly given $10000. (oops).

He played off $1000 a day, getting cash-out tickets, which the ATM machines can pay .. they can pay up to $1000.

In all, he banked $9500.

The casino discovered .. and thought about suing for reimbursement. How would u bet ?

In a second case, the comps manager, conspired with a customer relations employee. They tracked which customers were due comps, and what days they normally played.

On days, they didnt come in .. they printed out a new loyalty card, added $500 or so to it, and got a 3rd conspirator, to play it thru the machines.

In all, they got away with $400,000 !!!! (nice one), before a jilted lover, ratted them out (Deeep sigh).

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