Monday, 7 September 2015

10 Green Bottles

The nice thing about sport, is that it reminds u of stuff.

Its also a way of keeping track of time .. I cant believe England last toured S.Africa in 2010/11 .. gee time flies. They are due to tour again, at the end of the yr.

I have fond memories of the games, and the Barmy Amy, singing many songs.

One song, which was used to wind-up the locals, was a theme of 10 green bottles, based upon the weakness of the local currency - the Rand.

In 2010, the song started at ..

We get 1 Rand to the pound, we get 1 rand to the pound, etc etc

and seemingly, 15 minutes later, they finished on

We get 12 rand to the pound , We get 12 rand to the pound, We get 12 rand to the pound, We get 12 rand to the pound !!

with a special finish of :

Its so cheap, its unbelievable !!

well, 5 yrs on .. things have changed a bit.

U now get 21 Rand to the £ .. the song will take 35 minutes ..

S.Africa has become ridiculously cheap, for foreigners .. a 5 star hotel can cost £110, a bottle of beer - well its cheap.

For 6 bottles, its R55 or -- £2.70..

I think some holiday makers, will have some v sore heads.

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