Monday, 24 June 2013

Champions Trophy Final - India v England - Edgbaston

We know if it's Edgbaston, it's gonna be wet, and we weren't disappointed.

The completed match market, traded over £10 million, which is a decent sum.

I was v heavily involved in these markets, and posted on twitter, my book, at a certain point .. it was a nice picture.

The book was heavily influenced with the theory, the ICC would change the rules .. just a guess, but, it made sense .. and it paid off.

In their wisdom, the ICC couldn't find space in the schedule, to allow reserve days, for either the semi-finals, or the final .. So, when the rain fell, both on the 2nd semi, and the final, the public were left largely wondering, what would happen.

I don't have a problem, specifically, with no reserve day, but, it appears the ICC changed the cut-off times, at least for the final .. And, this was never communicated to the paying public .. Till way past 4pm.

I saw many people leave their seats, and go home .. And u couldn't blame them .. As, they judged they were being taken for complete fools, by staying .. Which Edgbaston, has a history for.

All the ICC are doing, is alienating the public .. I suppose they don't care, it's all about TV revenue, but, u can only get away with so much.

In the game itself, you saw just how important momentum is .. I think Bell losing his wkt, is a 50 over game, last yr, saw the same sort of collapse .. and .. Dhoni is a quite brilliant captain/wikky/batsman.

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